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Labradorite Poop Emoji Carving

Labradorite Poop Emoji Carving

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Labradorite is truly a stone of magic, used by healers, shamans, and psychics for its ability to enhance psychic gifts and raise spiritual consciousness.  Turn this gray stone in your hand and a colorful iridescence will flash it's a mineral that connects the realms of the seen and unseen, creating harmony between the physical and spiritual selves. It is also a stone of protection, creating an energetic barrier that deflects negativity and emotionally draining people. If you're feeling exhausted by the daily grind, Labradorite will breath new life into your existence,  enhancing spontaneity, excitement, and adventure. It also sparks fresh ideas in the imagination, perfect for creative people stuck in a rut. Healers use Labradorite to promote vision and also treat respiratory infections or cold symptoms. 

Intuition + Creativity + Awakening 

Chakra: Higher Crown + Crown + Third Eye + Solar Plexus


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