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Pyrite Sun

Pyrite Sun

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Pyrite suns are disk-shaped mineral concretions of pyrite (iron sulfide). They are also known as: Pyrite dollars, Miner's dollars, Sun dollars. 
Pyrite suns are formed in coal mines, between layers of shale, in the Midwest USA. They are believed to form when concretions are flattened out under high pressure, growing outward from the center in a radiating fashion. 
Pyrite suns are approximately: 
  • 3" H x 2 3/4"W x 1/2 "D
  • 116 grams
Pyrite is also known as "Fool's Gold". It is a beloved healing stone with a long history of medicinal and metaphysical uses. It is also a well known talisman and meditation crystal. 
Pyrite suns are becoming difficult to acquire because the mine where they were found is no longer operational.


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