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Bayside Treasures

Blue Onxy Tumbles

Blue Onxy Tumbles

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Blue Onyx tumbles are a magical and special type of stone. Not only do they have a captivating blue hue, but they also possess the power to unlock inner strength, courage, and self-control. With their energetic vibrations, Blue Onyx stones can create powerful changes in your life while grounding you in the present moment of reality.

Blue Onyx helps you see yourself more clearly and recognize your potential. It encourages discipline and strength in difficult times. Use its energy to stay motivated, focused, and determined! When used in meditation or healing practices, Blue Onyx can help bring mental clarity and clear away negative thoughts so that you can focus on reaching your goals.

Let the calming energy of Blue Onyx tumbles help you regain control and manifest great things in your life! Pick up a tumble today, and believe in its power to give you strength. With Blue Onyx on your side, anything is possible!


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