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Bayside Treasures

Cave Calcite w/Pyrite B (UV Reactive)

Cave Calcite w/Pyrite B (UV Reactive)

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Cave calcite is a white, coral-like mineral that forms in caves from groundwater precipitation. It's also known as "floss ferri," which translates to "flowers of ironwork". Cave calcite is made of aragonite crystals, which have the same chemical makeup as calcite but different crystal structures.

Cave calcite is said to have many properties, including:
  • Spiritual
    Grounding and centering, connecting with Earth, emotional healing, mental clarity, insight, and connection with spiritual energies
  • Physical
    Amplifying energy, harnessing creativity, purifying and cleansing properties, and strong grounding stone for emotions 
Cave calcite is also said to have the following meanings:
  • Insight
  • Renewal
  • Purity
  • Calming fear, stress, and panic
  • Amplifying energy and intentions
  • Intensifying the metaphysical properties of other crystals
  • Offering grounding and stability
  • Bridging the spiritual and physical realms
  • Fostering environmental harmony
  • Promoting healing and stability


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