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Bayside Treasures

Harmony Quartz Towers

Harmony Quartz Towers

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Harmony Quartz ( Brecciated Limestone with Druze )


Quartz has many meanings and uses, including:

Spiritual power: Traditionally, quartz has symbolized spiritual power and healing energy.

Harmony and balance: In modern times, quartz represents harmony and balance.

Guidance: Quartz can draw and send energy, making it effective for sending and receiving guidance.

Positive energy: Clear quartz can enhance positive energy and harmony in a space. Quartz can absorb light and turn it into energy.

Unity: Lithium quartz promotes unity and relatedness.

Karma: Lithium quartz can help dissolve unhealthy cycles and repeated toxic patterns.

Mental clarity: Blue quartz can bring harmony and order, mental clarity, and ease fear.

Nurturing spiritual growth: Spirit quartz is a gemstone of harmony, alignment, and nurturing spiritual growth. 



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